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Coir Fibre Extraction Plant in Indonesia

2 engineers of KJ Industry Co., Ltd visited Sulawesi, Indonesia in July 2015, to help our user there to install the big coconut fibre extraction machine.

160KW big coconut fibre extraction production line, which includes fibre making machine, fibre separator and fibre baler. 

Coir fiber plant in Indonesia


Details of fibre making machine:

Machine inlet size 950*700mm
Rotor speed : 1100-1200rpm
Capacity :

4-10T/H (input coconut husk)

1.5-2.5T/H (output coir fiber)

Length of output coir fibre : 80-250mm
Machine dimension : 3800*3000*2300mm
Machine Weight : 5800kgs


After the hard-working of our engineers and user's engineers, the whole line ran smoothly and produced good quality coconut Fibre. User is very satisfied with our machinery and service, plans to order one more line when the existing production goes regularly.

coir fiber extractor KJ Industry coir fiber making machine China
High quality coir fiber coir fiber


Besides this project, KJ Industry has finished the palm EFB fiber project in both Thailand and Malaysia.

The advice on your investment in palm fiber or coir fiber production business:

  • Fo your new investment in palm or coconut fiber production, it is important to make sure you've found a long time supplying of palm or coconut EFB and get understood about the moisture content of your raw material.
  • Also please make sure power supply for your workshop. We have aware that in some places in east Malaysia, also some islands of Indonesia, it is difficult to run a big machine due to lack of electricity.
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