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Straw and wood pellet plant is expanding in Latvia

Z/S from Latvia, purchased their first pellet plant from KJ Industry in the year 2011, now is expanding by adding one more pellet mill in their factory, so as to achieve more capacity. 

They make pellets almost from pulverized wood chips, wheat straw pellets are made about 3 months a year.

Their pellet line is made of straw shredder, dryer, hammer mill, pellet mill, cooler, sieve, and pellet packing machine. Except for the straw shredder made in Poland, all the rest equipment is supplied by KJ Industry.

Z/S prefers belt-driven pellet mill double electric motors because their feedstock is varied in a different season."The maintain of the belt is simple." Said Mr. Andis, "Especially when we changing raw material from one to another, it works more smoothly."


Basic information for double belt driven pellet mill:

Type: KJ-MLZH420B
Main motor: 2 x 45KW
Force feeder motor:0.75kw
Has frequency variable screw feeder 1.5kw and conditioner 5.5kw, SKF bearing, NM brand motors.
wood pellet mill in Lativia