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Wood/Straw Pellet Line 2000kgs


Wood/Straw Pellet Line with capacity 2000kgs per hour

Main Machine in the line:

Turn key wood/ straw pellet line consists of a hammer mill, dryer, pellet mills, pellet cooler, vibrating screener, packing machine, electric control cabinet, dust collector, and etc.

Depending on the different seasons when wood chips or straws are available, the user can make wood pellets or straw pellets from the same pellet line.

1. Hammer mill

The hammer mill is also known as a pulverizer, it is widely used in wood or straw pellet or briquette line, to prepare fine sawdust or straw powder from dried wood chips or shred straws. It has an inlet in the top of the grinding chamber, usually connected with a feeding conveyor, and it has a bottom outlet, connect with pneumatic conveying systems like a blower air-lock and cyclone. The output fine material size is determined by the hole size of the screen.

 hammer mill for pellet and briquette


2. V-belt Pellet Mill

In a pellet line that is designed to produce wood pellets and straw pellets in a different season, the V-belt pellet mill is a good choice. It offers rock-bottom production costs in the simplest and most efficient design. It has fewer parts for less wear, quiet operation, and lower maintenance costs.

The resilient V-belt drive protests the pellet mill from severe shock load.

There is a speed adjustable feeder and conditioner above the pellet mill, which ensures uniformity of feed distribution across the face of the die ahead of each roll.

It is a built-in hoist with lifting tools for easy safe die replacements. The wood/straw V-belt pellet mill works with an automatic grease lubrication system - for roller bearings and main shaft bearing.

V-belt wood straw pellet mill Europe

In a pilot wood/straw pellet line, usually, there are 2 units of V-belt pellet mills. One pellet mill is working, the other one is on standby to get 1000kgs per hour output pellets, or both of them are working together to get capacity2000kgs per hour.


V-belt pellet mill in Lavtia

  2 units of V-belt wood/straw pellet mills working in Latvia since the year 2012