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Straw hammer mill


A hammer mill is also known as a grinder, or pulverizer, KJ Industry supplies the hammer mills to specially grind rice straw or wheat straw into fine particles. They are used as size reduction machines for making wood pellets or briquettes.


1. One-step process

2. Has rotary feeder for constantly grinding

3. Pneumatic conveyor of output fine particles



The user is able to grind dried rice straw or shred wheat straw with high efficiency.

Type :             KJHM6080         
Rotor diameter : 600mm
Width of grinding chamber    : 800mm
Line speed of hammers : 94m/s
Motor : 75kW
Capacity : 1-2T/H
Qty of hammer : 60pcs
straw hammer mill
How does the hammer mill perform? Please click the VIDEO.