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 Amy Chen, general manager of KJ Industry, paid a visit to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in November with one production manager and one skilled technician.


The purpose of this trip is to check the working status of KJ’S EFB Shredder and EFB Long fiber machine, and discuss further cooperation with our customers.


We arranged this trip, because we need to know how our machine works with Palm EFB, we have shipped smallest EFB Shredder KJDS3135D, middle type KJDS316D, and heavy duty type KJDS318D (110KW) & KJDS318D plus (132KW) to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Our EFB Long fiber machine also have been used in Malaysia. we all know that, PALM EFB is challenge and they are not available in China, thus we are not able to testing them in large quantity. We also can’t wait in office, for our customers to send back videos, pictures, we have to see the production by our own eyes, to meet our users face-to-face.