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How is China industrial standard for biomass solid fuel?

At present China National Energy Administration and the Department of Agriculture is helping to promote the development of biomass solid fuel industry standard, 

we learned from the session biomass heating of China International Biomass Conference 2013. Including the specifications like the classification standard of solid forming fuel, the technology of combustors, and the key components of regarding equipment. According to industry analysis, the publication of these specifications and standards is expected to increase the industry's overall competitiveness. 

Currently, the biomass fuel industry is developed rapidly and has a future with great potential, there is no large monopoly, but we face the problems such as the scattered energy of biomass boiler plants and the lack of technology in this field. A biomass pellet machinery and equipment manufacturer told the reporters of the Shanghai newspaper, raw materials of the biomass solid fuel are in a low standard, "As biomass itself is not as economical as the gas and with limited cost, the recycled agricultural and forestry waste(raw materials of the biomass solid fuel)often mixed with plant waste scraps. Once the cost goes up, energy companies can not afford more. " Furthermore, accessories' life of the biomass molding equipment are relatively short, especially the grinding, the imported one could be used for more than a decade, while the domestic one will be worn out only after two or three years.


In allusion to the problems mentioned above, Tian Yishui, a researcher of Ministry of Agriculture, Planning and Design Institute, revealed on the session biomass heating of China International Biomass Conference 2013, early June, the National Energy Administration issued the make and revision plan of the first batch of energy industry standards in 2013. This involves three terms that regarding the biomass energy industry, grading standard of solid formed biomass fuel, slagging characteristic test methods of solid formed biomass fuel, technical conditions of the biomass pellet burner.


Solid formed biomass fuel is the crop straw, wood chips, and other agricultural and forestry waste after mechanical crushing and compressing. It's used as fuel, replace the traditional coal, natural gas and fuel oil to provide the heat, mainly used in industrial boilers and furnaces. If we replace thirty percent of the use of coal with biomass fuel, the use of biomass fuel in industrial boilers and furnaces nationwide per year will up to nearly 300 million tons, according to the securities research report. There's also analysis that pointed out that the solid formed biomass fuel has the highest application scale in the biomass energy industry, the cost of raw materials is one-sixth of electricity, and save about one-third than natural gas and two-thirds than the oil.