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A tree chipper or wood chipper is a machine used for reducing wood (generally tree limbs or trunks) into smaller parts, such as wood chips or sawdust. 

A chippers are typically made of a hopper with a collar, the chipper mechanism itself, and an optional collection bin for the chips. A tree limb is inserted into the hopper the collar serving as a partial safety mechanism to keep human body parts away from the chipping blades) and started into the chipping mechanism. The chips exit through a chute and can be directed into a truck-mounted container or onto the ground.

KJ Industry Provides wide scopes of wood chippers in disc type and drum type. They can be either powered by electric motor and diesel generators, or both engines.

The increased use of round wood for wood pellet production demanded the development of a machine to reduce round wood to the final material size for pellet meal.

Drum wood chipper
and disc wood chipper are ideal equipment producing wood chips, widely used in paper plants, particle and fiber board plants, wood chippers production and export bases. The raw material such as logs and small wood branches, twigs can be cut into high quality wood chips with even length and uniform thickness. The wood chipping machine can also be used for processing wood planks after brief treatment. Wood chipping are the first step if you want to make wood pellets or briquettes from wood logs.

Wood crusher with hydraulic feeding also wins high reputation from our old customer.

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Video for chipping line - by disc chipper

Video for drum wood chipper

Video for small electric wood chipper - Pre-equipment for making pellets or briquettes

Knife Sharpener

The wood chippers, both disk chipper and drum chipper, use knives made of special steel, the wear on the knives edge of wood chippers are natural. The process of sharpening chippers knives is meticulous. Only the correct sharpening can maximize the life of the knives. For this reason, we offer knives sharping machine, which can be operated in your business and ensure maximum productivity for your machine.

We offer manual knife sharpener and electric knife sharpener for your choices.

Video of electric knife sharpener.

Drum Wood Chipper / Disc Wood Chipper

Electric/Diesel Drum Wood Chipper

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