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Sawdust Dryer KJSD600

KJSD600 airflow sawdust dryer also has single furnace(boiler/stove), but has larger capacity, 600KGS/hour input MAX.

The whole system consists of fan, fuel furnace, steel pipe, cyclone and air lock. Fuel of this dryer can be wood waste like tree branch, tree trimmings, wood chips, coal or any waste that can burn

Operation principle:

In this drying system, fuel furnace produces large volume of hot air, those hot air is suck and moved through steel pipe by the power of fan. Fast moving hot air sustains and is mixed with raw material sent by spiral feeder in the suspending state through the steel pipe, moisture evaporates as the material traverses along the steel pipe and is rendered dry at the discharge end. Humid air is continuously exhausted, thus the material is dried.

The Moisture reducing rate of the dryer KJSD600 is 8-12%. This dryer is equipped with one hot air boiler, it is suitable for drying raw material with moisture content less than 20-25%.If the moisture content of the raw material is higher than that, it will need two or three times of dry up to achieve the requested moisture content for pelleting or briquetting.

Model No KJSD600



Size of Input material

(Diameter) mm

< 3mm & < 5mm

Temperature of Hot Air




Packing Dimension (m)



You may need moisture meter to measure the sawdust moisture content before drying. Please check us for the price.