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Generally, there are airflow sawdust dryer and rotary drum dryer.

When making wood pellets or wood briquettes, the sawdust must in 8%-15% moisture content, this content will  be a bit higher or lower according to your raw material. But too high moisture content in your raw material will make your production failed. The wood pellets or wood briquette will be in low density and easy to break.

A dryer is very necessary if you want to reduce sawdust moisture. KJ Industry supplies moisture meter to help you  get moisture information with your sawdust. Please contact us if you want to buy.

Air-flow sawdust dryer is considered as most inexpensive dryer, simple in structure, easy to use and high efficient. After being dried, moisture content for sawdust can be reduced from 50% to 15%, which is right for pelletizing or briquetting. Air flow dryer is also know as pipe dryers or flash dryers, it is stronger recommended for production scale less than 1000kgs per hour. Most of our old customers choose it.


Air-flow dryer have two types, air-flow dryer with single stove(like KJSD Type dryer) is suitable to process materials which moisture content between 20%-30%.It can reduce the MS to 8%-12% one drying time. Air-flow dryer with two stoves (like KJTD Type Dryer) is suitable to process material moisture content between 35%-50%.It can reduce the humidity to 8%-12% one drying time. That means it can reduce approx.30% for one drying time.


A rotary drum dryer for removing moisture from many products including but not limited to sawdust for wood pelleting and pressed fire logs, wood shavings for animal bedding and etc. The drying system is composed of stove, main rotary body, Screw conveyor, cyclone separator, air-lock, fan and matched pipes which can realize to reduce the moisture from 60% to 10%.


The heater of the rotary drum dryer can be fuled by any conventional fuel system, but there is a remarkable advantage in using a solid fuel system. These solid fuel systems can operate on a number of alternative fuel materials (bagasse, charcoal, coal, corn, corncobs, dried peat moss, dried wood chips, paper, sawdust, shavings, wood waste, etc.), reducing fuel cost to a fraction of that of conventional fuel.


KJ Industry can supply many services to help in your drying system. We can provide you with consulting , whole plant layout and design. We can install your entire drying system from the ground up or we can help you pick and choose what parts we will do and what parts you can do yourself to help keep costs down