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 EFB size reducing equipment and drying equipment are very important for pellet plant, because if there is no qualified fiber in qualified length and moisture level, there will be no good quality




In China, most of pellet machinery supplier does not know what is EFB, they will recommend Wood chipper + hammer mill in size reducing process, based on their experience of wood pellet plant. However, this kind of combination has been proved to be low efficient and even will make the whole production line stopping, due to JAM.




We will supply Two Solutions based on different EFB status.


First solution: When your feeding material is EFB bunch type.

Process recommended: Primary size reducing by EFB chipper – Drying – Fine Fiber Milling.


If your feeding material for pellet plant is oil palm empty fruit bunch, normally it has high moisture content, about 65-70%. EFB chipper will be recommended for primary size reducing.

Reasons as below:


  1. One step process for turning EFB into EFB fiber, moisture content 60-70% is no problem. The whole system includes feeding belt conveyor, EFB chipper, and discharging belt conveyor.
  2. Low electricity consumption. An EFB chipper with 55kw electric motor has the capacity of 6-8ton per hour.
  3. Output fiber will be in length 10-35mm, this length is suitable for rotary dryer and fine fiber miller in downstream process.



Second solution: When your feeding material is EFB fiber, either from EFB press or from EFB fiber extraction process.

Process recommended: Drying – Fine Fiber Milling.

If your feeding material for pellet plant is EFB long fiber after EFB press. After being dried, the long fiber can be fed to fine fiber miller directly.


  1. The rotor knives(flying knives) are designed with SHEARING CUTTING technology.
  2. Low rpm of rotor(20-30rpm), cut the palm EFB fiber evenly
  3. Output fiber length: 4-8mm, suitable for making pellets



Why Choose Us?


  1. We know what is palm EFB, it has special feature which are quite different from wood.
  2. We have real and practical experience with palm EFB size reducing process. Our engineers went to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia twice per year to help customers do installation and commissioning. We are supplier of TOP 3 biomass power station in Thailand "DOUBLE A"
  3. We are familiar with pelletizing and briquetting process. We can provide reliable assistance when you want to expand your production.