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The palm oil industry is now at the stage of seeking more value-added products not only from the oil and kernel but also its biomass. There is an ample opportunity to

convert the available lignocellulosic biomass residues from oil palm mills into pulp and paper, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and composites.

Our customer from Thailand - Thai Gorilla Pulp(TGP) has successfully produced a high-grade paper pulp from empty fruit bunch(EFB) of oil palm. Making paper pulp from EFB is cost efficient as the raw material is virtually free in producing palm oil.

With an estimated 300 million tons of EFB disposed every year, the company said it sees huge opportunity to develop the market. It says its green innovation is highly cost efficient and is competitive with other non-tree pulp materials and could offer return on investments to investors and producers in the first year of operations.

Our EFB long fiber extractor, served in their factory for making paper pulp since year 2013.